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The page labelled Science covers my scientific work that is of no obvious immediate interest commercially. The section outlines briefly what is there and where to find it.

The page labelled Carina Chemical Laboratories outlines projects that are currently active, and relate to biofuels and seaweed-derived skin gels. Links are provided for further information. Then follows an outline of the work carried out from 1986 to about 2008 relating to durene, pyromellitate derivatives, agar, agarose, the preparation of a number of seaweed derivatives, and some work in plastics recycling. The work involved reseach, the preparation of samples, the preparation of Feasibility Studies relating to commercial implementation. These projects did not proceed however samples and information may be available on enquiry.

The pages labelled Books outlines my entry to self-publishing. There are three scientific books that are available on the Amazon Kindle, and these are written first to explain how I see the scientific method, and second to archive some of my original scientific theories. Some of these may seem heretical, and they are not really suitable for students facing exams, nevertheless as far as I am aware, none of what I have written has been shown to be false through observation. I am also publishing futuristic "science in fiction" books, the first two of which, Puppeteer and Troubles are available in both major ebook formats, while the remaining six are currently available from KDP Select. Links are provided in the descriptions.

The page labelled Music briefly outlines a further interest that is more personal. For amusement only, a free download of one of my simpler piano compositions is offered. This requires moderate pianistic technique.

The pages labelled Who am I? is self explanatory, while the page labelled Links and Contacts lists some links to other relevant sites, including my science blog at the Royal Society of Chemistry, my general blog at Wordpress.com and my author home-page at Amazon, together with my email contact address.

The site originally had news updated regularly, however parts of the site are soon to be redesigned (early 2016) so this feature is not maintained.


August - September 2014

The third of my Gaius Claudius Scaevola trilogy, Scaevola's Triumph, was published at Amazon.

June - July 2014

The ebook Biofuels An Overview was published at the end of July. Blogs though this period included more on planetary formation, one biofuels and on the WordPress blog, comments on the Ukrainian crisis.

May, 2014

Blogs include an update on planetary formation, and the start of an explanation of my alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics. My Wordpress blog focused on the Claudian invasion of Britain, as part of my posts on writing about historical matters when much of the information is unclear, and Ukrainian nationalism

January - April, 2014. 

My scientific blog continued to give updates on planetary formation, and also discussed the ancient analysis of the heliocentric theory, to support my two novels.  My writing blog has also gave similar articles, but in a less technical way. How the ancients could have proven the heliocentric theory, as well as a story about the Scribonianus plot followed by the Roman invasion of Britain is given in my ebook Legatus Legionis.

October - November 2013

The scientific blog gave further support for my alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics together with my reviews on planetary formation, while my literary blog mainly supported the "First Contact" trilogy. Two new ebooks were edited and compiled. The first was Guidance Waves  An Alternative Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. The second was Athene's Prophecy.

September, 2013

My scientific blogs covered keeping up with the scientific literature, the validity of scientific computations, the survey of planetary data, and a hint of my alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics. To do this, I gave a further presentation of my alternative interpretation of why the energies of excited states are what they are. My more general blog focused on more topical aspects of governance, in support of my futuristic ebooks. Additionally, an anthology of "gutsy stories" was published, which includes an account of my Czechoslovak times.

August, 2013

The trilogy, First Contact, is completed with the publication of Jonathon Munros. My scientific blogs have been largely about my view of biofuels, and in particular, my reasons for favouring hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass as the optimal processing method. The general blog focussed broadly about the issues introduced in the trilogy, although there was also one on evolution, which was triggered by some general discussions on the web.

July, 2013

My scientific blogs, apart from the update on planetary formation and biogenesis, related to awkward questions that are usually neglected on the so-called "non-classical" 2-norbornyl ion, the supernovae evidence relating to dark energy, and a question about who should do what about climate change. My general blogs were about our experiences in the Wellington storms and earthquakes, and about politics and local house prices.

June 2013.

My scientific blogs related to the bonding in a rather unusual molecule, C2, and on further data on planetary formation, mainly evidence in support of a reduced initial accretionary state, and on consistent fluid flows on Mars over a period of time. My Wordpress blog focused on futuristic problems mentioned in Dreams Defiled, and on my take on the recent Wellington storm.

May, 2013

My scientific blogs related to publishing effectively, while my Wordpress blog included issues related to planets suitable for aliens. I have also put some of my arguments to the astrobiology future forum, which can be found here. The second book in my "First Contact" trilogy was also published.

April, 2013

Scientific blogs, in addition to the monthly review of planetary formation, involved items on where scientists may be failing science. The more general blogs covered the issue of how to reward people more fairly. It is now one year since Planetary formation and Biogenesis was published, and so far, nothing has been published that even looks as if it might falsify the theory.

March, 2013

My ebook, A Face on Cydonia, is now available at Amazon.

February, 2013.

My science blog showed how strained systems should stabilize adjacent positive charge, and destabilize adjacent negative charge. I also found tow major papers supporting my theory of planetary formation. The first was that the volatiles on rocky planets cannot have been delivered either by comets, asteroids, or any combination thereof. More importantly, filaments streaming towards the star have been observed in accretion disks. These are required to transfer angular momentum from gas to planets in my theory.

Between March 3 and March 9, my first two novels are half-price on Smashwords, provided the coupon is quoted: Puppeteer (Coupon RU85M) and Troubles (Coupon EU84T)

January, 2013.

The science blog covers the start of my theoretical work relating to the effects of ring-bending strain in chemistry, which I explain in terms of a polarization field instead of the usual quantum effect. My Wordpress blog covers the new Zealand economy during the 70s, and its effect on energy development.

December 2012.

My science blog has covered the remainder of my PhD experiences, while my Wordpress blog begins to give the background to the durene project.

November, 2012

First, a great review for Red Gold and a helpful podcast!

October, 2012

The literary blog explores when and why to explain science or "magic", including why not to explain, as in Troubles. There were two scientific blogs surveying September and October on planetary formation, and two blogs describing the start of my PhD. Finally, Red Gold was published as an ebook, at this point solely on Amazon.

September, 2012.

A literary blog has been started relating to the role of science in fiction, one posting of which relating to The Invisible Man and the science behind invisibility, and why you should care, are posted on both blogs. The science blog also discussed why the standard theory requiring ancient atmospheres to have started as oxidized gases does not follow logically, and a discussion on refereeing.

August 2012

Blogs commented on the finding of carbonaceous material in martian meteorites, thus indicating the reduced nature of early martian basalt as required by my ebook on planetary formation, one on hydrogenation of biomass to make biofuels, and one on scientific referees.

June - July 2012

My second fiction ebook, Troubles was published on Amazon, Readstreet and Smashwords.

Blogs on the origin of Vesta, two on the production of ethanol from biomass through pyrolytic means, one on what causes the Exclusion principle, one on how the interpretation of the same data on lunar reflectivity can lead to opposite conclusions, what is the purpose of a review, and one on the nature of the SN2 reaction, as seen by molecular collisions.

May, 2012

One blog on bioethanol, one on biofuels from pyrolysis, and a blog outlining my concept of guidance waves in quantum mechanics. Finally, an update on papers from May relevant to my ebook on planetary accretion.

April, 2012.

Planetary Formation and Biogenesis published at Amazon. An author interview published here. One blog promoting the book, one blog on bioethanol, and the first blog updating the ebook on planetary accretion.

March, 2012.

A spotlight brief bio at morgenbailey.com. Three science blogs relating to assessing potential sustainable biofuel and resources

February, 2012.

The three science blog entries involved raw materials for biofuels, problems with, and a possible experiment to locate virtual photons, and a major biofuels project failure. A promo podcast for Puppeteer is available here.

January, 2012

Science blog entries include a brief description of some of the problems I faced as a PhD student, and a blog on whether biofuels are relevant to the coming fuels crisis.

December, 2011.

Science blog entries relate to research funding and economics as related to biofuel production; also a blog on the Saturnalia, science and science fiction. A separate blog on the role of scientists and science fiction, and a published account of my last day in Czechoslovakia (day 3 of the invasion, and my one attempt at smuggling).

Also published my one short story, in "Anarchy Zone Time Yarns". Kindle link here

November, 2011.

Science blog entries involved discussions on science funding.

October, 2011.

Science blog entries include a proposal by which airlines could reduce their problems with the greenhouse effect, a discussion on science funding, and one entitled "Speedy neutrinos", which looks at the consequences for theory if neutrinos really can travel faster than light.

Fiction:  The first 40% of puppeteer can be read on the Harper-Collins site Authonomy. Please read and rate it.

September, 2011

Two significant science blog entries: One discusses one case for bioethanol, and the other gives an answer to my challenge, where would we expect to find exceptions to the Woodward Hoffmann rules in chemistry. Woodward and Hoffmann have stated there are no exceptions, and the text books quote that position. As it happens, at the time of that statement, there was one publication that showed an exception (and my name was on it). The blog shows why an exception should be expected.

Fiction:  The first chapter of Puppeteer can be read for free at https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1NYJwXN7SW3YPzq0oPLHhTGnFhwSg-msUeT1NtkzisGI . After that, it costs $US2.99.